Take a look in what HapHoop can do:          

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The World At Home

With the partially immersive virtual reality feature you will experiment many kinds of challenges in many distinct places. Make workouts, play games and go around touristic places seated in your own wheelchair as if you were there.

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Designed For Everybody

HapHoop can be used by everybody with a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair and even using a simple chair. HapHoop allows all the family have fun moments. It doesn't matter if you are a person with disability or not, with HapHoop everybody can enjoy together.

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As If You Were There

HapHoop has a force feedback feature that allow you to feel the different kinds of ground presented in the virtual reality environments. With this feature, for each kind of surface you will feel the differences on the hoops of the simulator and you will have the sensation you are there physically.

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Your Health Is Important

With the virtual reality environments provided by HapHoop you will experience a lot of situations that allow you to make workouts and change your sedentary lifestyle. You dont need anymore to worry about the lack of accessibility in gyms and parks, with HapHoop you make workouts at anytime, at anyplace.

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Everyone Deserves Fun

With HapHoop you will play amazing video games designed to be played with wheelchairs. Have you ever thought play race games, basketball, ice skiing and many other games just rotating the hoops of the wheelchair?

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Not Everything Is Fun

HapHoop is a great tool to support Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists in rehabilitation of people with disabilities. It is possible to simulate many daily tasks allowing people with disabilities to train each of them.

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Bring Touristic Places To Home

With HapHoop you will have the possibilitie to know touristic places inside your home and to travel on each one using the wheelchair simulator. You will rotate the hoops and move inside the virtual places. With the force feedback feature you will feel in your hands how is the surface of each place and will discover how is the sensation in being there physically. Have you ever thought to be able to visit Rome, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and many others places inside your home?

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Fantasy Worlds

Inside virtual reality the only limit to what can be done is the imagination. Many Fantasy Worlds may be used with HapHoop providing an amazing experience to everyone that wishes explore new worlds using the wheelchair.

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Designed By Who Needs For Who Needs

The creator of HapHoop is a person with disability and designed the technology under the point of view of someone that needs it. HapHoop is more than a product, it's a life mission to its creator.

HapHoop is scheduled to be available worldwide in the beginning of the next year. It is being developed in Brazil and you can see bellow some videos and news that appeared in the local press when it was a prototype yet. They are all in portuguese... I'm sorry.

São Bernardo do Campo
São Paulo, Brasil

  • +55 11 94593 3870
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